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    Rea Loxin

    Her brown eyes are one of her trademark looks. The spiffy Visayan beauty strikes poses as naturally as others play with mobile games. Green and blue are her favorite colours and they look great on her just like jewels on a princess.

  • cat woman philippines

    Marie Aquinos

    Visayan newcomer model Marie Aquinos made a great frist impression during our casting pictorial inside Ayala Mall in Dau. She has great talent and a charmingly warm smile aside from her laid back attitude.

  • seductive pose

    Jenny Kitty Burgos

    Jenny’s full lips make this tall lady outstanding. She moves like the next super model of The Philippines. Jenny loves to model for street photography as she enjoys outdoors a lot.

  • heels

    Angel Garcia

    The newest addition to Filipina Princess: Angel. High heels or barefoot she looks like a professional model, already. Her perfect physique and fresh smile make her the most desired Leyte model of 2015, already.

  • Old female model

    Maylin Rufa

    Mature Filipino housewife makes great object for photographers of Rubens style women with curvy shaping. Not all Manila amateur models need to be young in order to be attractive for shooters. In many instances experience in life helps out to recreate situations important for product showings and promotions.  Angeles City Freelance models from platforms like […]

  • teen fashion pose

    Annalina Lokson

    Melody’s best friend tagged a long and we invited this young Filipina model for a amateur test shoot. A stunning Asian lady who has great potential to become a Pinay model for print magazines and catalogues. Portrait of teen model City: Mandaue, Cebu Age: 18 Birth Date: 01/12/1994 Jeans size (hips): 24 Inches Weight: 99lb, […]

  • Summer dress

    Melody Apapito

    Melody is new to chat modeling and just did her first test shoots with us. We discovered her while signing songs in a Family KTV in Quezon City. pose on floor Photo shows Melody posing in orange summer dress while sitting on floor City: Quezon City Age: 23 Weight: 103lb, 47kg Height: 5’2?, 157cm Eye […]


Aiko Leganes

She can be described as the anti-model. Pathetically absent and almost annoyed to care. Yet, her facial attributes allow her to be an actionable actress who knows over-acting best.

trike station

Trike Patrol

The expression of Trike Patrol alwyas pops up when local Filipinos talk about naughty girls. Those that go all the way and become stars of the questionable art. What has started as a cool idea of an American has expanded to be a synonym for an entire industry.


Location Search

Open aperture settings of 1.4 to 2.8 are great for full body portraits in trashy neighbourhoods. Combined with soft lighting of a cloudy afternoon they become favourite conditions for superb pictures of beautiful amateur models. Such locations can be found anywhere in the provinces or cities.

Boracay White Beach

Going to the Beach

Becoming a model has perks that are hard to beat. Posing along the sandy White Beach of Boracay’s costline is an amazing experience. Remember: It is work!


Don’t be shy

They have a saying: “If you are shy you die!” It’s even more important in modeling than in any other business. Many people are afraid of having their photo taken. Specially, when they are approached by a professional photographer with many cameras, big impressive lenses and flash lights. It takes courage to smile and wave […]

Davao casting

New Casting Dates

It’s been a while since Filipina Princess website made enhancements to it’s online presence of amateur models from the most beautiful Pacific Islands. We are currently working on a new theme bringing you more actresses and performers online who wish to become available for photoshoots all over the Philippines. Let’s see how this works out. […]